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FO – In the Peaceful Forest

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Yes I know I’ve been a little MIA.

Work has been insane!! I slept literally all day today to make up for the lost sleep this week. I find myself in a wonderful position at work. I’m doing things I enjoy and that I’m good at with a great team of people. I consider myself very fortunate. That said, all of us have had about 90 balls in the air so I spent a better part of my week locked in my office with earplugs in so that I can concentrate on my tasks.:-S

Jermaine and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving up at my mom’s and Ray’s house. They were in the middle of moving so it was a little more laid back than usual. I rather like that :-)

I had a Thanksgiving gripe that I am very proud to say that I resolved. For the past few years, apple pie has been on the menu. I’d make it and just been a little underwhelmed by it. It just seemed like every recipe involved shaving and slicing of about six apples, putting two cups o’ sugar in there and shooving it in the oven. Makes for a pretty “eh” pie, doesn’t it? Well I found a wonderful recipe this year and I want to proclaim it from the rooftops – Glazed Apple Cream Pie. It tasted AMAZING!!! When we were done with it it, Jermaine came up to me and acted like a little four year old and stared at his feet when he asked “Hey Laura…….can you make this again? pweaaaaaaase” to which I said OF COURSE!! :-P

OK Life recap is over. I have about four finished objects. Hoooray The first one, might I present:

In the Peaceful Forest

Pattern: In the Peaceful Forest by Sandy Moore from Think Outside the Sox
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s):Mountain Colors Bearfoot
Colorway(s): Spruce
Needle(s): US 1 – 2.25 mm
Casted On: October 16, 2010
Casted Off: November 28, 2010
Modifications: none

This pattern was fun and I never found myself bored. I absolutely love leaf pattern motifs!

In the Peaceful Forest This pair of socks will be for mom for Christmas. I know she’ll love them. Not only will she appreciate that they’re very warm but, they’re green of course :-P

I’ll be showing off some more finished objects for the holidays. I seem to be popping them out quickly. Let’s hope I can keep this momentum up!

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