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FO – Pointelle Socks

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

I’m doing more than reading! :-)

Sometimes I can’t keep all my hobbies straight. I never thought I’d say this but I appear to be reading more than knitting. I don’t feel bad of course but I guess I just want to acknowledge how people’s hobbies can change or expand

I finished a pair of socks from Knit. Sock. Love. Pointelle was one of my favorite new patterns in this book and I finally finished my own pair


Pattern: Pointelle Socks by Cookie A from Knit Sock Love
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Frogtree Pediboo, 1.5 skeins, 382 yards.
Colorway(s): 1146
Needle(s): US 0 – 2.0 mm
Casted On: January 2, 2012
Casted Off: June 9, 2012
Modifications: None. I knit the larger size at a smaller gauge so the sizing would turn out correctly. (The larger sock required 70 stitches for cast on. I’m usually ok with size 1s and 60 stitches so using a smaller needle helped balance everything out.

I love Cookie Patterns! I can’t get enough of them. These certainly kept my attention with the curving vine going across the instep.


Here is a more detailed shot of my left and right foot up against each other so the foot lace pattern is more prominent:


And this color!

I saw a woman on Downton Abbey wearing a skirt made out of this light green and I just went “WANT!” and I seem to be attracted to this color for the time being. Case in point: Some of the loot I got at this past year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival:

My creation

And it was interesting hanging out with my friends at MDSW. One friend was on a silver theme and another a blue theme. This year was pleasant because I didn’t pick my usual purples or deep reds

Well anyway…I finally was able to finish these socks after they spent some time in my project box and I certainly love how they turned out. I’m just about to finish these socks as well, to continue with my sock theme.

Cadence Socks

Cadence Socks

FO – Dusty Corners

Monday, April 11th, 2011

I can’t stop starting socks. I’m popping them out like a machine :D

Dusty Corners

Pattern: Dusty Corners by Linda Welch from 2010’s Rockin’ Sock Club
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight
Colorway(s): Firecracked, Rockin’ Sock Club installment from July, 2010
Needle(s): US 1 – 2.25 mm
Casted On: March 5, 2011
Casted Off: March 26, 2011
Modifications: none

And Holy crap! I love this colorway:

Rockin' Sock Club Installment - July, 2010

It’s so very vibrant. And the pattern flowed really well with the color changes:

Dusty Corners

This was a pleasure to knit. The pattern was fun and the colors flowed so nicely…PERFECT COMBINATION. :D

And speaking of Rockin’ Sock Club, I received this latest installment from the 2011 club and started my “Oh Hai, Clown Barf Socks:”

Intrepid Traveler The colorway’s name is “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.” WIN!

FO – Another Pair of Gumdrops

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

I’ve since finished two projects that I wanted to share but this week, I’ve been getting over a cold with one wicked cough I’m feeling better but the cough certainly isn’t gone.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s day, I finished a pair of socks for my buddy, Debbi.

Gumdrops Pattern: Gumdrop Socks by JC Briar from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club
My Ravelry Page
Yarn(s): Socks that Rock, Heavyweight
Colorway(s): Ms. LaRock
Needle(s): US 1 – 2.25 mm
Casted On: January 12, 2011
Casted Off: March 8, 2011
Modifications: I just did a round toe. That was the only modification I did.


Debbi had said she wanted a pair of thick socks but not a pair that was too high. Sure I had more yarn to make them taller but it’s not what she would have wanted. I knit the smaller version of this pattern because the yarn is so thick and it turned out well. Luckily, we’re the same shoe size and these fit nice and snug for me and for her too.

I made this pair of socks super snug because Socks that Rock Heavyweight has a tendency to grow.

Gumdrops as you can see I made a Sl1/K1 and K1/Sl1 sole. That makes for a super squishy sole but you’ll also notice that it’s about three inches, not that very long. I hope Debbi didn’t think they were too short.

And speaking of Rockin’ Sock Club Patterns, I started Dusty Corners from 2010’s sock club. They’re just flying off the needles. I absolutely love this colorway too

Dusty Corners

Final Two FOs of 2010

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

OK OK I’ll finally post my last two finished objects of 2010–a cowl and a pair of socks for Rose.

(Pardon my defensiveness..God knows I’ve been meaning to post this just finally got to it now.)

FO #1 – A Cowl for me

Candle Flame Cowl

Pattern: Candle Flame Cowl by Julia Allen
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Cascade 220
Colorway(s): A Purple? I know that’s really not helpful seeing as how Cascade has about 30 or so purples but….
Needle(s): US 8 – 5.0 mm
Casted On: December 18, 2010
Casted Off: December 18, 2010
Modifications: none

I originally made this for a Jermaine’s Secret Santa he had going on at his job. It was either that or he was going to give his Secret Santa some “smelly lotion.” I know –to each their own but I know that I’m pretty sensitive to smells. “Smelly lotions” have a tendency to give me some of the worst headaches ever. So I was like “oh no hon…you’re not doing that to this poor girl.” Turns out, she doesn’t work at his store any more so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I haz a cowl now!

Candle Flame Cowl It’s a pretty easy pattern. I learned it after maybe one repeat?? Very stretchy fabric results too. So if you’re scrambling for a quick present for someone like I was, this is a good bet. It’s a pretty pattern too.

And, finally, Rose’s socks.

This girl looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves socks I make for her. She gets them dry cleaned bless her heart, which is more than I can say about hand knit socks I’ve made.

Dionysus Socks

Pattern: Dionysus Socks by Abby Frelich
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight
Colorway(s): Happy Go Lucky, The Socks That Rock Rockin’ Sock Club Installment for January, 2010
Needle(s): US 1 – 2.25 mm
Casted On: September 25, 2010
Casted Off: December 22, 2010
Modifications: Originally, this pattern called for a 72-stitch cast on. Upon looking at the pattern, I noticed that some of it was going to be ribbing on each side of the sock, so I got rid of 8 stitches of that ribbing to make a 64-stitch sock. I also did a short row heel. The cables used were 3×3 so I thought it would be too thick to have that much fabric on the heel.

This was one fun pattern to make. I thoroughly enjoyed making these, even if 3×3 cables on size ones sometimes proved difficult.

Dionysus Socks

And plus, these socks are a little sentimental for me. I knit them on our wedding day.

Knitting at my wedding I look like I’m about to cut a bitch, no?

Well….there’s a funny story behind this.

(Fist off, this was taken the morning of the wedding. I had to wear a button down shirt, of course, because I couldn’t pull a shirt over my hair without messing it up. Kai fine. The only button down shirt I owned used to belong to Jermaine so yeah….I was dressed like a dude for a majority of the wedding morning and early afternoon)

The caterer was running late. I was freaking out. Turns out she was freaking out too waiting for a delivery (we laugh about it now but during that time, panic.)

Jermaine’s best man, who has known me since I was 12 was trying his best to calm me down as I was panicing about the caterer not there yet. He goes “Laura, you’re getting married in the boonies. There are plenty of squirrels, worst comes to worse. All I’d need, then, is a grill.”

Bless his heart and all but NO!

I call that my “If-you-say-‘squirrel’-one-more-time” look.

And I just so happen to be knitting Rose’s socks too One of Jermaine’s aunts, after seeing me get panic-y was like “um…laura….you should knit a little to calm down.” and that was the project I pulled out. I think the fact that someone had to remind me that knitting has healing qualities proves just how panic-y I was.

Anyway, these socks pull at my heart strings Not only are they for a wonderful friend of mine who loves her handknit socks more than anyone I know but I also knit them on a very important day in my life.

Here’s a pic of Rose and Debbi in their shawls I made them and gave to them on our wedding day too.

Rose and Debbi

I saw Deb's necklaces and it was like she KNEW she was getting a blue shawl that matched it perfectly. haha

Ok I think I’ll wrap this up. Coming up next – All the finished objects of 2010. I might be late in doing it but I still want to get reflective. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd my first FO of 2011, Jess’ shawl.

FO – In the Peaceful Forest

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Yes I know I’ve been a little MIA.

Work has been insane!! I slept literally all day today to make up for the lost sleep this week. I find myself in a wonderful position at work. I’m doing things I enjoy and that I’m good at with a great team of people. I consider myself very fortunate. That said, all of us have had about 90 balls in the air so I spent a better part of my week locked in my office with earplugs in so that I can concentrate on my tasks.:-S

Jermaine and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving up at my mom’s and Ray’s house. They were in the middle of moving so it was a little more laid back than usual. I rather like that :-)

I had a Thanksgiving gripe that I am very proud to say that I resolved. For the past few years, apple pie has been on the menu. I’d make it and just been a little underwhelmed by it. It just seemed like every recipe involved shaving and slicing of about six apples, putting two cups o’ sugar in there and shooving it in the oven. Makes for a pretty “eh” pie, doesn’t it? Well I found a wonderful recipe this year and I want to proclaim it from the rooftops – Glazed Apple Cream Pie. It tasted AMAZING!!! When we were done with it it, Jermaine came up to me and acted like a little four year old and stared at his feet when he asked “Hey Laura…….can you make this again? pweaaaaaaase” to which I said OF COURSE!! :-P

OK Life recap is over. I have about four finished objects. Hoooray The first one, might I present:

In the Peaceful Forest

Pattern: In the Peaceful Forest by Sandy Moore from Think Outside the Sox
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s):Mountain Colors Bearfoot
Colorway(s): Spruce
Needle(s): US 1 – 2.25 mm
Casted On: October 16, 2010
Casted Off: November 28, 2010
Modifications: none

This pattern was fun and I never found myself bored. I absolutely love leaf pattern motifs!

In the Peaceful Forest This pair of socks will be for mom for Christmas. I know she’ll love them. Not only will she appreciate that they’re very warm but, they’re green of course :-P

I’ll be showing off some more finished objects for the holidays. I seem to be popping them out quickly. Let’s hope I can keep this momentum up!

The countdown begins

Friday, November 5th, 2010

At work, during lunch, I was thinking….


then uh oh…I started in on a list:

Gift tally Believe it or not, I think I’m OK with many of these handknit projects. Jermaine’s socks are almost done and the socks for both mom and Rose are thankfully patterns that fly off the needles. I’ll be making hats for the two wonderful photographers for our wedding. One of them is stranded. I seem to be in a stranded mood of late so that will fly by. I am about to start a shawl for my buddy Jess. Every time she’s in my office, she looks at my Haruni so me thinks she wants one of her own ;-) The last two are sweaters for two darling puppehs, Max and Winston whose humans are my coworkers Gina and Andrea respectively. They’re short haired pups that actually prefer to have sweaters and I’ve always wanted to make dog sweater so why not :-D . They might be Valentine’s Day presents though, if worst comes to worst…heehe

This doesn’t mean I won’t be busy. Might actually have to start taking lunch hours at work so everyone can get their presents :-D

Darling Darby Sweater

Socks! And Oh Yes, I’m GETTING MARRIED!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

I seem to be in a sock mood of late. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that Christmas is coming up so I have to get a start on some presents…like what I haven’t already done this summer was enough :-)

Socks! The first is the free pattern off Ravelry named Dionysus Socks. I love the crazy cables zig zagging left and right down the sock. My Snow Under Cedars socks satisfied an itch I was having to do some fair isle. It, of course did the trick! Finally, I love the lacy vines in my In the Peaceful Forrest Socks, made with the warmest sock yarn I think known to knitters – Mountain Colors Bearfoot. I loooooooooove this yarn!

Socks make great traveling projects too.

Why did I mention traveling?



Wedding Bands Yes after about a year of planning, some tears and a ton of laughter, Jermaine and I are finally getting married this weekend and heading off to our honeymoon soon thereafter. These lovely projects might just be completed after we get back.

I know I’ve been quiet of late. Been busy planning this little shin dig  but also I don’t want to post a blog with just saying “Look….this sleeve grew three inches since last I blogged.

When I get back, I will be finishing up Hallett’s Ledge and hopefully made more progress on my Lattice Lace Pullover.

More to come later, this my last blog entry as a single lady! :D

New Lace Pullover

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Ever have a project that you quit about an hour into starting it?

Well I do.

I have a weakness for lacy tops.  Now that my Botanical Lace Cardi is complete, I felt a little at loss for what lace top I should start.

In March of 2009, I swatched for the Lattice Lace Pullover:


Don't you love how organized I was?

Which will, of course, grow up to be this lovely pullover from Knit So Fine:

From Laarag's Photostream

Then after that?? Nothing. Nada. All I knew that size 1.5 needles was the size that gave me gauge. I moved on to other projects.

But the last Sunday, I just randomly picked it back up and started the project properly this time, starting with the sleeves.

Lattice Lace Pullover I’m knitting this with size 2s even if I don’t get gauge with it. I did the math and knitting this with size 2s, making the 36′ size will fit me accurately. (How did I get to this conclusion? This here calculation that has helped me every time. ;) My wise buddy Steph told me about it and I feel every knitter should commit it to memory)

Sure, I got gauge with size 1.5s but it was a little too tight, for my liking and, of course, 3s were too loose for me. Size 2s make for a nice happy medium.

And speaking of Steph, the two of us went to welcome a new yarn shop to town, Looped Yarn Works in Dupont Circle. What a lovely store! It opened just the week the two of us got paid so, the proper thing to do was go and spend some hard earned bread there, right? I always appreciate it when yarn shops have sweaters-worth of a given yarn in a variety of colors and Looped certainly did that. It was very tempting  But I already started a project with some Koigu KPPPM I bought there:

Waving Lace Socks I seem to be starting a lot of socks too. Pretty typical now that the December holidays are approaching

FO – Amersand from the Toe Up

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

So here you see me making a pair of socks for another coworker, Gina. Like Iliana, she has helped me a lot through some issues through this year, so a handknit for her too!

This is the information I had to go off of:

  1. Her favorite color is pink.
  2. She used to dislike wearing black but now loves it.
  3. She loves loud loud socks

With that in mind, I made these socks


Think these fit the bill? I think so :D

Pattern: Ampersands (Upside Down) by Bobbi Kraft based on Through the Loops’ Design named Ampersand from the cuff-down
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Chewy Spaghetti Spaghettoni
Colorway(s): Cheeky
Needle(s): US 2 – 2.75 mm
Casted On: August 6, 2010
Casted Off: August 15, 2010
Modifications: None

Can I just say I LOVE this yarn?! Gina wears a size 7 so I was able to knit these socks with a decent length. If I were to knit a pair of socks for me with this yarn, the socks would be a little shorter than what I’m used to. That said, because I enjoyed this yarn so much, I would be ok with that. The yarn was a nice sport weight yarn that reminded me of Socks that Rock Mediumweight.


I know Gina will love these socks but I certainly hope I didn’t take what she said too literally

Up next – I’m about to finish up some socks for Jermaine, because who doesn’t need 100% wool socks right now? :P

FO – Slip Jigs

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

I finished my first Christmas present for Rose–Slip Jigs from this March’s Rockin’ Sock Club. When I first got the skein, I wasn’t a big fan:


Then I thought of Rose and these are so her colors. So I started a Christmas present very early.

Slip Jigs

: Slip Jigs by Irishgirlieknits from the 2010 Rockin’ Sock Club
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Socks that Rock, Mediumweight
Colorway(s): My Wild Irish Girlie
Needle(s): US 1 – 2.25 mm
Casted On: April 10, 2010
Casted Off: July 11, 2010
Modifications: I didn’t do any. I followed the pattern exactly as written, even did the heel flap.:)

Slip Jigs

But if I could change one thing, it would be the toe. There are a lot of stitches between the decreases making the toes a little…bunchy. But then again, the slip pattern does go up the side of the socks so I am not entirely sure how I could edit the  pattern.

Slip Jigs
It was a fun knit though. I know Rose will love these socks to pieces. One Christmas present down, plenty more left to do. I’m trying to get a head start on Christmas knitting, if you can believe it, because I will be spending a better part of  September and October  running around like a chicken with her head cut off because of our wedding

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