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No I did not die

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

we just moved :-)

The move went very very well. We are about 97% unpacked with some few stubborn boxes here and there. This is starting to feel like home now and both of us, as you can see, the kittehs are quite happy here:

Layla and Luna Looking Out the Front Door

Our kittehs look out their front screen door

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what else I want this blog to be other than a digital scrapbook of all my finished objects. My life is so much more than that. I might hesitate writing about events in my life because they might involve people that do not want to be talked about online. I can’t say I blame them. Or perhaps maybe I think too much – Do people really care about a book I just read and absolutely loved? But this is for me first and foremost. I have readers, many of which know me in real life, some do not. If they don’t care about a particular topic, it is totally within their right to move on to the next blog listed in their Google Reader account.

[which reminds me…I have to work on my confidence in writing book reviews! I have read some really fantastic books lately too!]


This is a knitting blog and in my attempts to improve my writing in my professional life, perhaps this can help me share my thoughts on knitting and all the things that come with it.

My knitting buddy Carol mentioned this in a blog post a few months ago:

I did a blog post a little while back about some of the similarities I noticed between the quilting blog world and the knitting blog world. One thing I’ve seen on a lot of quilting blogs lately is a “Process Pledge.” The Process Pledge is a vow to not just “show finishes or occasionally confess about our moments of indecision, but chat openly and often about our works in progress, our inspirations, and our moments of decision,” to quote one blogger.

She went on to talk about writing a knitting book but it got me thinking about the knitting process. I know of various times in this blog where I have some hesitations about writing about Works In Progress Entries. It just comes to this: They’re not as fun. Let’s face it. What if you post a picture of a work in progress and four inches have been completed. Next week rolls around and you have done a whopping additional 2.5 inches to it. Wow. Not all that exciting.

But there are decisions you make as you knit something that would be interesting for your fellow knitters to know. I always appreciate a good heads up about charts or yarns for example. I like reading friends’ reviews of books. So why not add my own?

So I start now, in this new chapter of my blog, showing off my Featherweight Cardigan project.

At first, I’ve been so hesitant about such a pattern. There are thousands of projects on Ravelry and I noticed that a lot of them are sheer. And if that’s what people want, then FINE! More power to them. But from my point of view, I questioned the point of a cardigan so thin. My friend Darsana, who has made four, I’m pleased to note, mentioned that there are times in her office when it feels like a meat locker indoors. It’s not the time for a heavy sweater because it’s often summertime with ACs jacked up so high. I started thinking that and I said to myself, “Yuuuuup….I can see myself needing a few summer sweaters for those times.” She modified the pattern, too, to add more shaping to it. As you can see, many, have found these mods helpful.

One can’t take bulky yarn and knit this pattern. At the same time, I wanted to see more finished ones with fingering weight yarns as opposed to the laceweight it calls for. My friend Cam recently finished one that I just fell in love with! Let’s take a moment and gawk at her lovely cardi, shall we??

Sure, she used fingering weight yarn but you can’t see through the cardi. It fits her wonderfully and I particularly like the ribbing collar. It gives it a very nice border. She added length to the torso, which is something I’m probably going to have to do as well. All in all, a very well tailored cardi. Ms. Cam can probably wear this to the office if it gets too cold with the AC or she can wear it hanging out with her man on the weekends.

Ok I’m starting to sound like one of those announcers on a makeover show when they start talking about the clothes they picked out for the person.

So I started knitting one with Dream in Color Smooshy. This pattern can sometimes turn into a bore because it’s, for the most part, straight stockinette. But I am particularly interested in how the yarn I picked changes every so slightly:

Featherweight Cardigan

This is just the swatch I made a few weeks ago but it still kept my interest. This is the progress so far:

Featherweight Cardigan

The specs of purple, lighter blues and even some hints of green if you look close enough just make me giddy! :-D

I plan on making this with Darsana’s modifications too and adding length to the torso. Haven’t made a decision about whether I want full sleeves, like I usually do, or go for more snug  and more fuller and longer ones. I usually go for longer sleeves but perhaps 3/4 length ones will allow it to look more professional and tailored? I don’t know. (I’m on this professional self-improvement stint as you can probably tell. I want to write better and look better and perhaps….maybe…feel more confident? I digress though)

Up next will be a finished test knitting cowl I did for my buddy, PAKnitWit!

FO – Calloway Socks & The Loopy Ewe Swap

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

I recently participated in the Loopy Ewe Swap.  My buddy, Meesh, already received her package so I can now share what I made her.

There was summer theme to this swap so there is some irony to that in June. So I struggled with what to make her. I opted for some socks because she really likes those and she told me that she likes intricate ones. Um….this calls for a Cookie pattern – Calloway :D

Calloway Socks

Pattern: Calloway Socks by Cookie A from her website
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Dream in Color, Smooshy
Colorway(s): In Vino Veritas
Needle(s): US 1 – 2.25 mm
Casted On: June 6, 2010
Casted Off: June 22, 2010
Modifications: None. This pattern was written very well. It’s a nine page pattern however, each size only takes two pages. This pattern also allows for a lot of flexibility so no mods were needed to lengthen the sock.

Calloway Socks This was a fun pattern as always. I don’t expect anything less with a Cookie pattern :) It’s difficult to follow a summer’s theme with wool, but hey, it’s lacey! :))

Calloway Socks

On Friday, I received two packages. A skein of STR Heavyweight, My Blue Heaven Colorway. I originally bought it for Jermaine for a pair of socks for him. I opened it up and said “It’s not like I signed anything saying I’d make him a pair of socks with this for him” :”>  We both love blue…so sue us.

DSCF2888 Jermaine, not knowing this, saw this skein of loooooooooooved it. Then I felt bad for wanting it for a socks for me. But then it’s sooooooooo pretty.

Luckily, my package from Beth for the swap came and look what came in it!

DSCF2884 Are these two skeins identical? No. But they’re quite similar. I can use this lovely skein for me and the STR for Jermaine as originally intended :D

Beth certainly spoiled me! I loved everything!

DSCF2864 These gloves fit just right. Tight enough to be warm but there is still enough room in them. And, of course, they’re kitteh gloves!! =D>


I've always wanted paws, you guys

This was the entire package and I just love it! Thank you very much, Beth!


I have the next few days off. Going to a BBQ tonight, dinner at mom’s tomorrow, hanging out with a friend on Monday, but all still relaxing. I need it :) I hope to get some other projects completed or at least knit a nice dent in them. wish me luck!

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