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**Insurgent by Veronica Roth**
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What is it about?
I read Book I in this series earlier this year for a book club and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. This is a sci-fi series set in a dystopian version of Chicago. This society is divided into five strictly segregated factions. At the age of sixteen, every kid must pick a faction in the annual ceremony. The Five Factions are listed quite well in this site here. The book’s protagonist, Tris Prior, in the first book selected the Dauntless faction who believe that cowardliness is at the root of society’s problems. Interestingly enough, she was raised in  the Abnegation faction that values selflessness. For more information about the first book, check out Divergent on Goodreads
Often with second books in a trilogy, the book serves merely as a gap between a big start and grand ending. I believe this book had more of a foundation to it – You see the main character struggle with current life decisions and ones she made in the past. Her society is in the middle of quite a revolution and this story is about each character’s motivation to side with one particular view. I think this society is starting to realize, one can not be all of one faction too.

Why did I read this?
Like I stated before – I read Book I for a book club. This book was rather thick….500 some pages but even with that, it was a quick read. So, when Book II (Divergent) came out, I wanted to see what would happen next!

What impressed me about this book?
I appreciated how thoughtful Tris was. In the previous book, she did and witnessed some things that take a lot of time to get over. I read the Hunger Games Trilogy and wondered how Katniss can go through such experiences and then be OK making TV appearances for Panem. Yes we see that both she and her fellow survivors struggle with it but I never got how they affected her specifically. Tris is more thoughtful and the reader starts to understand her feelings during and afterward.

What disappointed me about this book?
…then again, Tris is still a sixteen year old girl, who, at times, can be a little self-absorbed. So yes, there were times when I was rolling my eyes at her. But really, that is a phase, like it or not, we all go through. ;-)

Historical Relevance:
Non-applicable seeing as how this was set in the future ;-)

What reading challenge(s) did this book apply to?

Overall Grade?

Rating: ★★★★☆

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