Update on Hobby Progress on Blog

OK Notice how I have Goodreads widgets on the left? Last night I wondered – WHERE DID MY RAVELRY PROJECTS GO?!

I remember I had progress bars and thumbnail pictures but something happened with the coding. It was difficult to get it there in the first place so I couldn’t help but be exasperated by adding the code again because I simply couldn’t remember how I did it.

But I found a very helpful widget for WordPress blogs that I wanted to share. The My Ravelry Widget helped me turn adding this into a three minute production as opposed to what I did before…lots and lots of tweaking and let’s not even go into how much time it took to figure it out in the first place!

I know I have a lot of blogging friends that have WordPress blogs, so I wanted to share this helpful widget to you all.

And I’m a happy blogger – both hobbies with equal real estate on this blog. Yay :-D

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