2011 – A Knitting Wrap Up

Well…2011 ended on a fairly low note on the knitting front. Must. Step. Up. My. Game.

Finished Objects - 2011

I won’t give excuses because I’m proud of what I finished up. Reasons why numbers are down:

  1. We moved. Many of these items were in storage for approximately 2 months
  2. I fell in love with reading…again (expect a “2011 a Reading Wrap Up” soon)
  3. Life. It happens :-)


So as a round up, I finished:

  • 1 Shawl
  • 1 Adult Cardigan
  • 4 Pairs of Socks
  • 1 Hat
  • 1 Cute Toy
  • 1 Cowl
  • 2 Christmas Decorations
  • 1 Sweater
  • 2 Baby Items

Did I want to complete more? Absolutely! Haven’t we all??

So. Moving forward, on this, the 9th day of 2012, I plan:

    1. To make more of a dent into my stash. My friend, Lindsey, calculated how much yarn she has and is making attempts to put a dent in it. She even went so far to calculate how many miles of yarn she has. I did too. But I won’t share that calculation on internets. Needless to say I want to make a dent in my stash. Won’t go so far as declare a yarn diet. Let’s face it. It won’t last! :-P but I do want to make a dent. I hope to try to develop a widget or something on the right side of my blog to keep track of how many yards I’ve knitted.
    2. Knit more. Of course.
    3. More specifically-SOCKS! I’ve been so enamored with intricate fair isle patterns be it for Christmas stockings, baby cardis or adult sweaters. I must never under-estimate how much socks are appreciated. It’s getting cold out! Jermaine and I need socks :-D and like with #1, I hope to keep a tally on the right side of this blog to keep track.
    4. I want to be more decisive about my knitting. There have been some cardigans that just didn’t make the cut. I need to make those decisions more definitively instead of them just waiting around in my projects box. Life is way too short to be working on “meh” projects. (That, ladies and gents, you can put on my tombstone!)

In light of #3 (Technically, it was 2B but whatever)

I present you with socks I hope to finish really really soon:

Socks - Jan 2012

  • The first one is the Through The Loops Mystery Sock. So much fun. Join in the fun! (it’s fabulous to let yourself be surprised. Really. I don’t think we let ourselves be surprised much be it through knitting or life. There are clues every week of January. Since I’m knitting them two at a time, I hope to have these completed by the end of this month.
  • The middle one is Cookie A’s Pointelle sock. I’ve wanted to make this one since I received Knit. Sock. Love. Went stash diving (GO ME!!! ) and found this nice lighter toned sock yarn. It’s such a fun pattern. I hope to have sock numero uno done soon. :-)
  • The third one is a pair of fabulously loud socks I started last spring. I’m not proud. I started them in the car with our wonderful realtor while we were driving to various houses. The first sock has been complete for a while. The second one gained momentum over the holidays so yaaaaaaaaaay!

I am someone that likes keeping visual track of my goals. Hope to make myself more accountable to them this year!



  • MsLindz says:

    I’m totally not declaring any kind of yarn diet. I know I’d fail, especially considering I have at least two gifts to knit and I don’t have anything in stash. Besides… that whole “diet” mentality of deprivation would kick in! Just want to get things out I won’t use (probably will purge again mid-year since I just did one a month ago) and knit up things I’ve purchased into things from my queue. As for counting your yardage, maybe you can use Knit Meter: http://knitmeter.com/

    Being decisive about knitting can be hard. I just battled the Estelle cardigan and if I should frog it or not. Felt so much better when I did rather then forcing myself to finish it (sometimes the forcing is a good thing, other times, not so much).

    Love your socks! I’ll be working on knitting more socks this year myself. I might knit that Pointelle sock next!

  • Heather says:

    Love your goals! Especially the one on “meh” projects–that’s one of mine too. I’m sick of slogging away to finish projects that I’m not happy with just because I feel like I have to finish what I start. Here’s hoping both of us have the strength to RIP! And your Pointelle socks rock. I’ve been wanting to start that pattern forever too. Maybe this will be the year.

  • Mindi says:

    Love this post and all your FO projects! I want to do a post like this too so may steal the idea (sorry). Most of my completed projects consisted of baby/toddler items though…must change this this year. More knits for mommy! Starting..after I finished a toddler sweater for a birthday present and Noah’s sweater for his 1 year photos (sigh). So much for that goal! :) It’s nearly impossible not to want to knit everything cute when you have kids. I worked on knitting from my stash (mostly) ever since the sheep and wool festival and have been doing pretty good. I think I broke down and bought new yarn twice since then. Other than the gift card I have to use at Fibre Space I’m going to keep it up until this year Sheep and Wool. 4 more months!!! Soooo can’t wait!!

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