I love this time of year. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Cooler weather. New Years. LOVE IT.

I think, though of all the holidays during this time of year, I like Thanksgiving the most. It’s likely because of the spirit of it. Too often we live in a world where we focus on the negative and let it destroy our days. And, trust me, I’m just as guilty of it as the next person.

This holiday makes us (or at least it should) realize the wonderful things we do have in spite of X, Y, Z.

So in no order, this is what I’m thankful for this year:

365.173 So yeah we had an icing fight

It's icing, children. And thinking about this picture, taken a few years ago, I can't remember how we both ended up with icing on our faces. hmmmm

1. My amazing husband, Jermaine.
I pride myself on not being one of those women who needs 4 dozen roses sent to her on Valentine’s day but that doesn’t mean I’m not my own special brand of crazy. We’ve been through a lot together and because of that, he has been my calm when I’m anxious. He is the best exit buddy a woman can ask for.


2. Layla and Luna
We adopted them from the PG County Humane Society. You see all these tear jerker commercials about how we should save dogs and cats from a terrible life on the streets. While that is absolutely true, that’s not one of the main reasons why we adopted these girls. Sure it’s one but it’s not the only one. We wanted the companionship that came with kittehs. Shoot! They’re a wonderful source of entertainment as I’m sure they feel the same way about us. :-) There are days at work that are so crazy and busy that the ONLY mammals I want to see are them because they don’t care about the craziness at work. All they want is to plop on your lap and purr, which, in turn, is quite calming.


Christmas at Mom's

Rose and Debbi

Group Picture

3. Family and Friends. They put up with a lot and are always there to offer advice and laughter and appreciate my odd sense of humor. (pics were listed in alphabetical order: dad, mom/ray, rose/debbi, random group shot of Jermaine, me and Jess painting our home)

4. My job. I know I’m not out curing cancer or at a soup kitchen like I might have wanted to do in high school but I think I found a very comfortable nitch. Do I want to retire from this job? no. But I’m doing exactly what fits with my strengths according to many career tests I’ve taken. I help the underdogs and I feel like the information I provide my coworkers is a great benefit to my organization. I’m learning a great deal and I continue to and that’s a great feeling. The mind is an incredible thing if always challenged.

5. My health. Yes. It’s ironic that I state this as I’m getting over a cold that’s been a real pain in the ass, if I might be frank. But with this, I realized that I’m thankful for: A-The last time I got sick like this was in early 2009. So two and a half years without a cold certainly is not reason to complain. B- I have sick leave and a boss that encourages me to use it (when appropriate, of course. Like this past week when I hardly had a voice). C- I have insurance to cover me if this stupid cold progressed into something worse. So yes, I’m thankful for my health and that I have the resources to take care of my diabetes. (That’s my insulin pump featured above.)

Watching Their World

6. Our new home. Jermaine and I bought a house this year and we’re having fun making it our own. (Yes I know that’s technically a pic of the cats but it’s their new bay window!)


Our Loot after a day at MDSW (this was yarn between me and three of my knitting buddies)

7. Yarn. Need I say more? But I think I will–I am thankful that I have time to be creative.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be sure to think about what you’re thankful for and tell everyone close to you that you’re thankful for them. That is what the holiday is about…not how authentic your cranberry sauce recipe is.



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