My Queue of Sorts

Ravelry has  a feature called a Queue. My philosophy with this feature is quite simple. I like It, I queue it. Because of this, it has resulted in quite a lengthy queue. teehee (It got that way through a ton of friend stalking on Ravelry. I use that feature a lot too to find lovely patterns)

So I go queue crazy but I have very little order, if any, to it. So in an effort to gain some and to do some stash diving I will share some upcoming projects.


will soon be knit into the Cherished Pullover for little Abby for Christmas

Courtesy of Renee at

Stranded projects are always so much fun for me. While I love making hats and gloves, it’s about time I experience a steek. I have a feeling it will be very much like my first time on a roller coaster. First time I feel like I’m going to die and I get off the ride and say “that’s it?” This fall might be the time to do eeeet!

I seem to very much be in the garment type mode right now. I’m enjoying knitting components of sweaters. Socks are great but they’re just not doing it for me right now at least. Some upcoming cardigans/sweaters:

Botanical Lace Cardigan

Shawl Collar Pullover

Nympheas Tee

Josephine Top

Hilja Vest (or this might just be a shawl. I dont know yet)

Apres Surf Hoodie. My buddy Steph really wants to cast on for this and it’s totally worn off on me. :-)

I’m also making the Lattice Lace Pullover in KnitPicks Gloss. Whether I work on Apres or Lattice Lace, a nice challenging lace top will soon be in the works. I don’t think I would be able to work on two lace tops though.

As far as lace shawls, I have been eying patterns quite a bit. I’ve been making a lot of triangular shawls and I think I want to move to rectangular ones. Triangular ones get overwhelming towards the end because the rows just get bigger and bigger. Oy. Since it’s so cold in my office, shawls are not only a nice accessory but they provide much needed warmth.

None of these are set in stone but I’ve had my eyes on these pullovers

This is by no means set in stone but it’s nice to organize some of my stash. It’s also great to be stash diving…to be using yarn I got a few months ago and telling it that it will soon be a pullover :-)


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