Dear Dad’s CP non-H

DSCF3742 Dear Dad’s Central Park Non-Hoodie,

Here is some background information on my daddy. He doesn’t like most knitted items. The only hat I’ve seen him in is baseball ones. The only time I’ve heard of him wearing a hood was during Regan’s second inauguration when it was 17 degrees out. Not a big fan of socks. Only likes leather gloves. I already made him an afghan.

So when he asked for a v-neck cardigan, I was more than thrilled to make one for him because I know there is little, if anything, more to make for him. I picked the Central Park Hoodie, thinking “well all I’ll have to do is not do the hoodie and I’ll be ok.” I thought that many cardis naturally lend themselves to be a v neck.

Well it has not worked out that way. The neck shapping has been incredibly challenging for me probably more because of my construction ignorance than anything but because of this difficulty and frustration, I am putting you in time out for a bit. My choices are do more decreases on the front chest portion and cut the cable off completely or I P2together and move the cable up  along the V, making the to cables almost meet up near the shoulder. If I do that, then the cables won’t match up against the back and I’d have to frog the back and rearrange the cabling. I think I’ll do the former…completely cutting off a cable really isn’t the end of the world. Until I figure this out on my own, I don’t want to look at you. I need some space.




  • mai says:

    ohhh naughty sweater! i’ve never modified a sweater from crew neck (or hoodie) to v-neck. do you have ann budd’s ‘handy book of sweater patterns?’ that might help. good luck!

  • steph says:

    Deep breath!

    If you can stand looking at this thing anymore, I recommend cutting off the cables as you do your decreases. It will look fine once you pick up those stitches and knit the edging.

  • Jess says:

    Sorry to hear your non-H CPH isn’t going so well. Give it a much needed time out and chances are when you pick it back up you’ll have the lightbulb come on for excatly what you need to do!

  • sprite says:

    It’s okay. Your dad wasn’t going to want to wear a sweater in another week or two anyway — I fully expect it’ll be about 90 degrees right after Easter… Give it a time out until you’re closer to the fall sweater season. By then it’ll have seen the error of its ways and be willing to cooperate fully.

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