Christmas at Chez Johnson-Walker

I love Christmas time. I love Christmas trees.

I just hate getting said tree. Growing up, we would get the tree then my bro and I would spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to get it straight. So when J and I went out to get our tree, I was a little anxious but all was good in the end. Our tree stand, no joke, was older then me so we also got a stand that stabilizes the trunk more so that certainly helped. Here is our lil humble tree.

DSCF1899 Growing up, we would get an ornament every year and when I went to live on my own we received these ornaments. Here are some that mean something to me:

My creation Kitteh in Jack in the Box-I received that a few years after lil Duffy came to live with us

Snowman-First one I got for Jermaine and my first year Christmas tree.

Construction paper tree- Count on me to make a red Christmas tree in childcare. heeh

Reindeer-We had these kinds of reindeer growing up with mom. We had one for all three of us.

Lil White Kitteh- I got these the Christmas after Duffy passed.

Flute playing kitteh – I got this soon after I started playing the flute seriously

Kermit-Really…is an explanation really required?? There was a year in high school where mom wanted to put the more kid-like ornaments in the attic. While the jacked up Christmas tree glittered ornaments are cute, do you really need so many? Kai, mom, point taken. But she put lil Kermit up in the attic. When I realized that Kermit wasn’t on the tree I was like “oh hell naw!!” I went straight up in the attic and got him. He’s a necessity!

This is the only opportunity Layla and Luna will have living in a jungle so this experience needs to be photographed.




And, now, as I type this, I hear lil Luna drinking from the water at the bottom of the tree. How interesting–they have filtered water avaliable to them 24-7 yet the love the sappy tree water?? 

Whatever…it’s Christmas time, they can break the rules a little bit!


  • mai says:

    forgive me for being a grammar nazy, but “christmas at chez johnson-walker” is redundant! “chez johnson-walker” means “at the johnson-walker house” :) i know, i am lame!

    cute ornaments. we haven’t had a tree in about 20 years, but i help my mom decorate her customers’ trees. they’re usually artificial, so i am totally unfamilliar with the pain of real trees!

  • Rudi says:

    Cats seem to be attracted to sappy tree water – ours certainly are! It was a bit worse when we had the old metal tree stand, which would rust over the tree season and make the water a bit…. brown. Yet the cats would still drink from the rust pool – ew.

    The new tree stand is much better. And while we thought it would be geometrically impossible for them to drink from the new one, they prove us wrong: cats are masters of topology.

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