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I’m Back – FO – Tiled Cowl

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

No soon did I insist on blogging more did work pick up. Opps.

Well work pays for the yarn habit so it therefore trumps blogging.

I finished a cowl, though! yay!

One of my favorite things to do on Ravelry is to stalk friends in the “friend activity” feature. I know using the verb “stalk” could allude to not-so-great associations but I’m really just like keeping track of people’s progress on projects and what they’ve queued. Knitting inquisitiveness, if you will.

So my friend Sarah, I noticed, magic linked Knit Picks Chroma and I clicked for more information. Don’t know why…I just did.

Turns out she needed test knitters for her loverly cowl, the Tiled In Cowl.

I was able to help her with the test knitting and this was my final result:

Test Knitting Cowl

Pattern: Tiled In Cowl by SJ from her Ravelry Store
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight & Handmaiden Fine Yarn Casbah Sock
Colorway(s): Sweet Pea, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight, Rockin’ Sock Club installment from May, 2010 & Kaleidoscope, respectively.
Needle(s): US 3 – 3.25 mm
Casted On: September 14, 2011
Casted Off: October 1, 2011
Modifications: none

Here’s a closer-up version of the cowl:

Test Knitting Cowl The pattern is written wonderfully. AND I even learned a new skill–carrying floats:

Carrying the pattern yarn

Carrying the background yarn

So learning that alone made this process very very worth it. I was taught it real quickly once. Then I forgot it. This pattern requires about 19-stitch floats so I felt the need to re-learn it. Because I learned a new skill, I very much appreciated the process of knitting this cowl.

If you’re getting the impression that I’m not too pleased with the final result, you’re right. IT’S NOT BECAUSE OF THE PATTERN but more because of the yarn selection.

The designer flat out says in the pattern “Pick a multi-colored yarn with long color repeats.” And what did I do? I pick a colorway, that, while gorgeous, has only two-inch color lengths.

So Final Thoughts:

  • Wonderfully written pattern.
  • Take the designers advice–Use yarn with long repeats.
  • That said, be mindful of yarns that are single ply. I was nervous about using Chroma and/or Mini-Mochi because they do not tend to hold up when you use them to sew ends down. (I casted off for a sock using Mini-mochi once and the yarn kept falling apart.

Go see for yourself and buy this wonderful cowl pattern :-)


Final Two FOs of 2010

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

OK OK I’ll finally post my last two finished objects of 2010–a cowl and a pair of socks for Rose.

(Pardon my defensiveness..God knows I’ve been meaning to post this just finally got to it now.)

FO #1 – A Cowl for me

Candle Flame Cowl

Pattern: Candle Flame Cowl by Julia Allen
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Cascade 220
Colorway(s): A Purple? I know that’s really not helpful seeing as how Cascade has about 30 or so purples but….
Needle(s): US 8 – 5.0 mm
Casted On: December 18, 2010
Casted Off: December 18, 2010
Modifications: none

I originally made this for a Jermaine’s Secret Santa he had going on at his job. It was either that or he was going to give his Secret Santa some “smelly lotion.” I know –to each their own but I know that I’m pretty sensitive to smells. “Smelly lotions” have a tendency to give me some of the worst headaches ever. So I was like “oh no hon…you’re not doing that to this poor girl.” Turns out, she doesn’t work at his store any more so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I haz a cowl now!

Candle Flame Cowl It’s a pretty easy pattern. I learned it after maybe one repeat?? Very stretchy fabric results too. So if you’re scrambling for a quick present for someone like I was, this is a good bet. It’s a pretty pattern too.

And, finally, Rose’s socks.

This girl looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves socks I make for her. She gets them dry cleaned bless her heart, which is more than I can say about hand knit socks I’ve made.

Dionysus Socks

Pattern: Dionysus Socks by Abby Frelich
My Ravelry Project Page
Yarn(s): Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight
Colorway(s): Happy Go Lucky, The Socks That Rock Rockin’ Sock Club Installment for January, 2010
Needle(s): US 1 – 2.25 mm
Casted On: September 25, 2010
Casted Off: December 22, 2010
Modifications: Originally, this pattern called for a 72-stitch cast on. Upon looking at the pattern, I noticed that some of it was going to be ribbing on each side of the sock, so I got rid of 8 stitches of that ribbing to make a 64-stitch sock. I also did a short row heel. The cables used were 3×3 so I thought it would be too thick to have that much fabric on the heel.

This was one fun pattern to make. I thoroughly enjoyed making these, even if 3×3 cables on size ones sometimes proved difficult.

Dionysus Socks

And plus, these socks are a little sentimental for me. I knit them on our wedding day.

Knitting at my wedding I look like I’m about to cut a bitch, no?

Well….there’s a funny story behind this.

(Fist off, this was taken the morning of the wedding. I had to wear a button down shirt, of course, because I couldn’t pull a shirt over my hair without messing it up. Kai fine. The only button down shirt I owned used to belong to Jermaine so yeah….I was dressed like a dude for a majority of the wedding morning and early afternoon)

The caterer was running late. I was freaking out. Turns out she was freaking out too waiting for a delivery (we laugh about it now but during that time, panic.)

Jermaine’s best man, who has known me since I was 12 was trying his best to calm me down as I was panicing about the caterer not there yet. He goes “Laura, you’re getting married in the boonies. There are plenty of squirrels, worst comes to worse. All I’d need, then, is a grill.”

Bless his heart and all but NO!

I call that my “If-you-say-‘squirrel’-one-more-time” look.

And I just so happen to be knitting Rose’s socks too One of Jermaine’s aunts, after seeing me get panic-y was like “um…laura….you should knit a little to calm down.” and that was the project I pulled out. I think the fact that someone had to remind me that knitting has healing qualities proves just how panic-y I was.

Anyway, these socks pull at my heart strings Not only are they for a wonderful friend of mine who loves her handknit socks more than anyone I know but I also knit them on a very important day in my life.

Here’s a pic of Rose and Debbi in their shawls I made them and gave to them on our wedding day too.

Rose and Debbi

I saw Deb's necklaces and it was like she KNEW she was getting a blue shawl that matched it perfectly. haha

Ok I think I’ll wrap this up. Coming up next – All the finished objects of 2010. I might be late in doing it but I still want to get reflective. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd my first FO of 2011, Jess’ shawl.

2009 in Review!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I hope you had a great New Year celebration. J and I welcomed two friends to our apartment we haven’t seen in a while. It was a great new years.

In the idea of nostalgia, here is what I completed knitting-wise in 2009

FOs for 2009 So, in review:

1 Cowl
2 Baby Sweaters
3 Pairs of Gloves
9 Pairs of Socks
2 Shawls
1 Hat
2 Cardigans

There is a part of me that is a little disappointed. Last year, I made 29 items and this year, it was 22. That said, I made more sweaters and cardigans and I’ve learned a ton. See…lookie. This year I also:


Learned how to knit fair isle on two hands

Learned Double knitting for a future finished object for Jermaine

So yes, I wasn’t popping out finished objects as I used to in previous years but I’m still proud of myself and what I did in 2009.

As far as goals for 2010, I want to concentrate on sweaters, pullovers, cardigans. I seem to be in a huge sweater kick. I joined the IntSweMoDo2010 group on Ravelry. Sure, working on a wool sweater in July in DC won’t feel that fantastic but that’s where lace sweaters might come in :D

I have some sweaters in mind for this KAL but I’m still getting my thoughts together for it. But I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a KAL with very little rules as that is up to the individual knitter, which is nice, seeing as how I have work deadlines, not knitting ones :-)

Happy new year, everyone! Stay warm and happy knitting.

A Finished Object Already!

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

On our way to Rhinebeck, my buddy Darsana and I had a discussion about cowls. At the time, I thought they were pointless and almost dumb looking. (They still kinda remind me of dickies…I’m not gonna lie) She mentioned that they are a very satisfying project and make your neck warm without the bulkieness of a scarf.

Fast forward to the week before Christmas. I parked the car in Dupont Circle wearing a GWU sweatshirt. I was walking from the car to Jermaine’s job at Books a Million where I was going to pick up some Christmas gifts. My neck got rather cold as I hauled ass from the car to the store. That’s when I texted Dar and said “kai maybe you had a point”

So I present you with the first finished object of 2009


Pattern: Poinsettia by Anne Hanson from Knitty Winter 2008
Yarn(s): Brooks Farm Solo (DK, wool)
Colorway(s): 11 (a better picture here)
Needle(s): US 7 / 4.5 mm
Casted On: January 1, 2009
Casted Off: January 2, 2009
Modifications: None really.

The cowl needs to still be blocked, hence the curling at the end but I am quite pleased with this. It’s incredibly warm and I know it will be appreciated going to work. (Foggy Bottom is always so much colder than Silver Spring because it’s so much closer to the river)


I am sure there will be many more cowls in the future

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