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Juanita’s Row Robin

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

This is my first blog in typepad. I’m really enjoying this blog a lot more…much more user friendly.

And the topic for my first blog is Juanita’s row robin. Her theme was sandstars. I found the color choices to be quite challenging because I tend to work in a whole array of colors but here is the result (my row is on the bottom)


I really hope she likes it. I got the patterns from Carol Doaks 50 Paper Peiced Stars. That’s a book I just looooove!


Shelia’s Row Completed

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Here is Shelia’s row robin. The theme was stars so of course I was in heaven. I did the center row using Carol Doak’s 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars. God I love that book! x Anyway, the stars seemed to be all uniform by rows so I thought I’d keep that consistent.


Where have I been??

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Hey there

I have been knitting up a storm!!! It’s Christmas time and folks need scarves. Plus I’ve been on a knitting spree so quilting has taken a backseat. I get like that from time to time.
Anyway, I want to post the last of the Round Robins.
This one is for Ronii in Kentucky. It’s for a future grandkid. Obviously since it was for a future grandchild, she wanted it non gender specific. There was square patchwork done in the intial block so I wanted to bring it back together in the end. She liked it too when she got it. That made me feel better because I’m not really a pastel person. Though I should get over that as two of my friends are expecting!!

The second one was a fall theme. I’ve been having problems with some of these round robins because I dont really know of a lot of border ideas. Plus when I get them, they tend to be 13.75 inches so that makes things a little difficult. Anyway, here it is. I hope she liked it.


Ann’s row is complete…

Thursday, October 19th, 2006


These past few weeks I’ve been experiencing migraines (( I didn’t have peripheral vision in my right eye on Monday!! -O-SS So, needless to say, there wasn’t much sewing going on. I feel better now and I’m really thankful that I have a doc appt today!

Anyway, I’ve completed Ann’s Row. Let’s go block by block, shall we?? ;;)

Well, what Ann wanted was for each person in this row robin to do something that reflects them. So I did stars of course because that’s my most favorite thing in the whole wide world
(Note-With an exception of the black white and red one, all patterns were from Carol Doaks 50 Paper Pieced Stars)

Block Number One:
These are my most absolute favorite colors–blue purple and green. I hope you can see the blue portion of the star. Didn’t come out as I had hoped. When you see the actual row though, you do see it.

Block Number Two:

I love wildflowers. Especially daisies (As you can see in the block above). So I used some daisy fabric in this block. I like how the colors contrast in this block….if I do say so myself

Block Number Three:

Don’t ask me why but I looooooooooooooove black white and red. My row robin in the Stashbuilders group was this theme. In fact, I was going to use this particular block for that quilt when I was adding a new row to it but I decided, instead, to use it on Ann’s. I got this from

Block Number Four
Take any ten people and as them what they prefer–to be cold or to be hot. I betcha 8 or 9 of them would say they would prefer to be hot. I’m the one that would prefer to be cold. Call me crazy 8-} but I’d take winter over summer any day. Plus, Ann’s from Texas….thought I’d send her some form of snow. ;))=

Anyway, here’s the final product Ann. I really hope you like it! :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


ps–just saw the picture of my foot!! like it!?! SORRY;))=))

another row robin

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Good Fine Morning!!!

I’m doing another Row Robin on the Quilt n Friends Yahoo Group. I just can’t help myself. We’ve got three groups–2 Rows and 1 Round Robins going. I hope everyone’s gonna enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoy other robins!

Anyway, my theme is Christmas Stars.

(By the way, I’m going to work on getting a better picture. It was hard to do because the kitties kept getting in the way)

The one on the far left is from It’s the Valse block. A nice stained glass effect. The next two and the one on the far right came from Carol Doaks book, 50 Paper Pieced Stars. I love that book! I had the hardest time picking which ones I wanted to do! The second-from left came from a pattern in Quick-Strip Paper Piecing.

I can’t wait to see what the QnF ladies do with this. I know this row is paper pieced but just as long as it is stars, I’ll be a happy lady! -j


Tink’s Row is completed…

Monday, July 17th, 2006


here it is:

I only say that because I had this briiiiiiiiiiiiight idea. (you might not sense the sarcasm but it’s there!) This bright idea would be making these 12.5 blocks out of four 6.5 blocks. jeesh! #-o My row is on top and here are individual pics of the blocks…

Here is my January block. Everyone did some beautiful snowflakes but I wanted to do something different so I did snow people. You know how snow people’s mouthes are supposed to be made of button holes? That would be about 20-28 little circles, so in Laura’s world, snow people’s mouthes are made “with sticks.” ;) Tink, I really hope you understand!

On the right, is my February block…log cabin paper-peiced hearts. I am not a big fan of pink but I have to say–that’s nice!!

This is Ms. March! hahaha sorry I’m sounding like I am detailing a model calendar! hehehe Anyway, I got this pattern off Quilter’s Cache Fading Star. I liked the gradations and I do have to say–this must be the first time I used the colors in the original pattern!

And, finally, here is Ms. April….I paper pieced two butterflies and two flowers. I had to applique leaves on the flowers so they wouldn’t look like lollipops! The butterflies were difficult too because I couldn’t get the whole black portion (the body of the butterfly) paperpieced without doing a y-seam. There must be a way to figure it out. I have yet to. Anyone with some suggestions? -?

With an exception of Ms. March I got these patters from 505 Quilt Blocks: Plus 36 Beautiful Projects to Make (Better Homes & Gardens) and Crystal, AKA Pineapple Lady, my boyfriend and I appreciate the millions of pineapple blocks I made for your quilt and taking the paper off them. hehehe Everytime I see a pineapple quilt, I’ll think of you! ) Michele, I loved the idea behind your row robin and I must agree with you… I love flowers but I hate gardening! hahahaha. ) Ellen and Lola–One of the first lessons I learned (and am still learning) about quilting is that polka dots and stripes don’t necessarily clash! Thank you for reiterating that!) Tink, thank you for your patience (since yours is the only row I sent out late) and the opportunity to work with smaller blocks. ) Trisha, thank you soooooooooooooo much for the opportunity to do this!! I love round/row robins now! Thank you for being insane enough to track this! I hope everyone likes their tops and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what comes of them, how you like it and the final result! I’ve already gotten my thread picked out for my quilt top! There are hugs for everyone


my row robin is done

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

HOORAY! my row robin is done and I couldn’t have even thought to ask for anything better! this is going to be one great quilt! D

Ironically, my row had to be taken out because it was too short. Crystal used Fifty Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars for her row on the bottom. I’ll add my row using that book I think. Hopefully the library has it!!! <img src=”” alt=”[-O

I’m so excited to get this quilt top back!!! hooray!!!

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