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Debbi’s and Rose’s Shawls

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

My buddies, Debbi and Rose, are around my age and used to work for my dad. There were a few years where I thought I was in their cell phones listed as “Laura – Frank’s Daughter” because I thought that was all they knew me as.

But I was wrong.

What great friends they’ve been to me as Jermaine and I were planning our wedding!

They say that you find out who your true friends are as you experience a big life changing event like having a kid or getting married. Unfortunately and fortunately I know just how true that statement is. I won’t go into the ins and outs of my personal relationships with folks on my blog of all places but I will say this – This year I’ve had what I thought were really dear friends just….ditch me or cut me out of their lives when I was just trying to get a better understanding on things. It’s been hurtful as hell. I know just how true that statement is for negative reasons but I also know how amazingly true that statement is as well. Rose said it best, when I called her….a little drunk after a horrible text message conversation with one of these friends I’d walk through fire for. She said “you’ll find out who truly cares for you. Might not be the group you initially thought it’d be but we’ll all be there supporting you two!”

How true she was!

Debbi and Rose have heard their fair share of bitching from me and just when you’d think they’d want a “Laura break” and have nothing to do with me, they planned a wedding shower for Jermaine and me this summer. There was a slight heart attack I was feeling about getting a cake for the wedding too. See….I was all. about. the. cake planning this. I love cake more than any diabetic ought to. Kinda reminded me of Allie. Debbi called and calmed me down so I could wait for bakers to open the next day.

Anyway, this had to be recognized! So I thought I’d make them some shawls. This is how I show my love to folks too. Knit ’em something! This particular thing for them had to be something special though–Something fancy and detailed and intricate because God knows they deserved it!

Sunflower Shawl - Complete and Blocked!

Debbi's Shawl

Sunflower Shawl

Rose's Shawl

Pattern: Sunflower Shawl by Emily Wessel from her Ravelry Store
My Ravelry Project Page for Debbi’s Shawl & for Rose’s Shawl
Yarn(s):Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin and Miss Babs Bamboo Baby, respectively
Colorway(s): Neptun and Plum, respectively
Needle(s): US 4 – 3.5 mm and US 5 – 3.75 mm, respectively
Casted On: September 7, 2010 and September 21, 2010, respectively
Casted Off: September 19, 2010 and October 11, 2010, respectively
Modifications: none

I wanted to be sure to give this to the two of them on our wedding day. Take time out of a crazy busy day to thank them. It was very important for me to do this and fortunately I was able to.

Anyway, I hope they know how helpful and wonderful they’ve been as we planned our little forty-person wedding. Sometimes I feel that a little shawl doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude. Hmmm.

Well winter and Christmas is coming. I’m pretty sure they might need socks? hmmmmmm

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