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Quilters anyone?

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I haven’t been doing much quilting at all lately, unfortunately. The portable-ness of knitting is extremely appealing and after a day of being in front of a computer, it’s really nice to sit on our futon watching a movie and knit schnuggling with Jermaine and the girls.

That said, I still love and appreciate the steps in quilting. The simplest quilt can be absolutely gorges to see and wonderful to make (unlike pure stockinette knit items that can take forever and a lot of the time seem mind numbing). When I came back from the State Fair in late August, I was inspired to pull out my rotary cutter and try to quilt more.

I found out, through the quilting group on Ravelry, about It’s a website similar to Ravelry, only it focuses on quilting and fabric crafts. It’s a site really early in its infancy. It’s days old. I put my email on a waiting list and can’t honestly remember how long it took for me to get the invite but I received it January 2 or 3. It’s a website that is growing and am quite excited by its possibilities. If you’re interested in quilting, please check it out and spread the word! Here is their blog.

Things that Make Me Happy

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

I’ve noticed a trend in the blogging world through Ravelry–folks like Wendy, Lolly and Irishgirlieknits, have written entries about what makes them happy. So why don’t I do the same?? :-)

What Makes Laura Happy??

–Sleeping in. I have noticed that since I’m a working gal, my days of sleeping in till noon have been more and more rare so sleeping in to me is 9am. But the idea of waking up on my own and not by an alarm clock makes a huge difference.

–Our girls. They’re our little kids that we would do ANYthing for. They are the sweetest little girls that provide us with entertainment and love. Jermaine and I joke that if our power goes out, we’d still be adequately entertained…We got Luna.


and dear Layla is a feline teddy bear/cuddle muffin. Yes this picture below occurred on our sofa but this is a daily occurance with me as I sleep at night. She sleeps on top of me more often than not


They’re two sweetie kitties that love each other too. Let’s all say awwwwwwwwwwwww:


–Movie nights.


I really love watching movies with family and friends. Yes, that might make me lazy but it will never get old (Let’s all also note, Jermaine’s BEAUTIFUL paintings! The painting on the left is his first painting ever. Why are they on the floor?? Good question! I rarely am proud to admit to nagging but I’ve been on him to hang them)

–The cute underdogs in animated movies.

funny characters

They’re the characters that make you go “awwwwwwwwwwwww!” They have flaws but are still very very lovable. Don’t know why but I love these little guys. Makes me want to go to the TV and pet them.

–Jermaine loooooooooooooooooves this afghan I crocheted him years ago. It was during college so I was broke. Because of that, I used cheap cheap yarn and since then, it’s pilled. A. Whole. Bloody. Ton. Despite this, he still looooooooooooooooooves this afghan. Watching him love it warms my heart. I guess you can broadly say that watching someone enjoy a knit/crocheted item this much makes me happy but since this is practically a daily occurance at our house, I’ll post a picture of it.


–Of course, knitting and quilting. It’s a personal time for me. The act of creating something is relaxing and thrilling at the same time.

–The LoLCat website. I swear…if I’m at work and need a quick laugh, this website never fails!

–Cookies and cookie dough. It’s my one of my biggest weaknesses

–Yarn/fabric sales…of course!

Puppies. (Note–in my head all dogs are puppies) Yes I know it might be odd to hear that as I am definitely a cat person but I have a “grandma” relationship with puppies. I love them to pieces but once they start invading my space bubble or demanding I throw the ball for the millionth time, I want to go home to our kitties. That said, I still love petting puppies and if they’re puppies of my friends I spoil them rotten and geniunely feel bad if its been a while since Auntie Laura has been by to show them some love.

–Finally, a finished object :-D


This is granny’s shawl that I completed this afternoon. The pic shows it soaking before blocking but as I type this I’m blocking it. On our bed. Thankfully we have a very comfy sofa (note to self–block in the early early morning. ;-) )

Details on the dry shawl to come tomorrow :-)

More resolutions…

Monday, January 7th, 2008

I’m usually not a huge fan of new years resolutions. As cynical as this might sound saying “I’ll eat healthier or go to the gym more” just seems to be forgotten by Valentine’s day. I’m a victim of it just like a majority of people.

But with knitting and crafts in general, I find that it’s a hobby of mine that I get very excited about. I always want to learn new things about it and see new patterns and learn new techniques and even the history! My mother got me a book for Christmas No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting and in it, the author talks about how the importance of knitting changed in American women’s lives as their roles in society changed as well. I know most might read that and go but as a history major interested in minorities and women, this interests me a great deal.

I know I made a resolution a few posts ago. But I have some more to add so that I may become a more well round knitter.

  1. FINALLY finish hand quilting Courtney’s & Dwayne’s wedding quilt. Mind you they got married in October of 2006. (The hand quilting a QUEEN sized quilt was such an ambitious goal then knitting started to take over my life.) Here’s a picture of the top: It’s about 60% done handquilting. The ladies on the Quilter’s Knitting group on Ravelry has certainly been an inspiration to me about the enormity of this undertaking.
  2. Knit Christmas stockings for Jermaine, me and and smaller ones for Layla and Luna. Every Christmas, we begin to decorate the apartment and I wonder why we don’t have them. Then I go “Do’oh…it’s cuz you haven’t made any yet.” teehee
  3. Knit more socks for me
  4. Finish a shawl for Granny for her birthday in late April. I started a few weeks ago so here’s hoping I can make it! I chose Large Rectangle in Leaf and Trellis pattern from Victorian Lace Today
  5. Learn how to do socks two at a time and finally do a pair toe up. I honestly don’t know what’s taken me so long too! Because I’ve done far more challenging knitting techniques.
  6. Finish a sweater for an adult. I’ve done plenty of baby things but now is the time for a sweater for an adult, ideally, me. I think I’ve decided to make Rogue in Patons Classic Merino, burgundy.
  7. I’ve started this very bizarre trend. Finish something wintery in the summer time and something summery in the winter time. I feel that this will happen to my Indigo Ripples Skirt. It’s been “in hibernation” for some time now and I’d REALLY like to wear it this summer. Watch I finish it in February and when I pose for pics in it, I’ll have the biggest sweater on too. Here’s the latest photo of it.

That’s it I guess. I think I’ll be busy for 2008

Now this just lifted my spirits

Monday, November 26th, 2007

On Saturday I got some scary news about Rose’s baby Abby. That little baby is holding on for dear life. The email I received said:

Rose and Corey noticed that she didn’t look very good. They took her to the hospital, and she was septic (infection throughout her body). She’s had a couple surgeries, and is on very strong antibiotic therapy. They have her on assisted breathing and they have paralyzed her, so she doesn’t fight the breathing. At this point, the doctors are saying she has a 50/50 chance, but thats actually good news, it’s up from about a 10% chance a week ago.

I cant stop thinking about her and Rose and Corey. Lil Abby has fought so hard and has been only in this world for 9 and a half weeks.

To match this very sad mood, I spent yesterday watching terribly depressing movies. Don’t ask me why. My parents do it so I think it’s safe to say I get it from them. Half way through The Pianist I checked my email to see the cutest pictures:



Little Emma-bug wearing the sweater I made her for Christmas and chillin’ on the quilt I made her when she was born. Annnnnnnnnnd did you notice that the sleeves kinda flirt with her fingers, which is FANTASTIC because that means she can still grow into it?? (Auntie Laura – )
This is the closest I have gotten (SO FAR) to seeing something I knit on someone and it was quite gratifying.

This definitely helped lift my spirits. I’m still thinking and praying for lil Abby and hope for the best but this email I received certainly helped me in starting to think more positively.

Row Robin Done!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

I’ve been in such a quilting lull of late!! Ravelry hasn’t helped either :-P

But in all seriousness, I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed these round and row robin swaps but I honestly can’t remember the last time I made something for me. These swaps have been fun because you get a project to work on, you add your bit and mail it but when you loose focus on why you love the craft so much, it’s quite challenging to do your part. I’ve been very late in mailing these and I feel very bad about that. I still have Sue’s round robin to work on and blocks for Teri’s row robin. I’m getting it done though.

Here is a picture of my row Mary’s Christmas Row Robin.




I really hope she enjoys them. I originally was going to take a row out of a Christmas row robin I did last year but Mary doesn’t deserve second hand blocks! So I made these blocks from Carol Doak’s 50 Paper Pieced Stars. God, I love that book!

Juanita’s Round Robin

Friday, August 17th, 2007


Here’s a picture of Juanita’s round robin:


When I received this from Dawn, I had NO IDEA what to do with it. She did a fantastic job with the machine applique. I talked with some folks in the group and Sue suggested the strips to settle the applique in its beautiful place. I hope Juanita likes it!

On a side note, I saw a picture of my round robin and it’s so unbelievably pretty, I’m beside myself!


Needless to say, I think I’ll save up my money to get this professionally quilted!

Another Series of Robins Done

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Well I’ve completed another series of round and row robins. I just can’t get enough of these.

Here is a picture of Sarah’s “Almost Amish Stars” (She didn’t want us to sew them into a top. She’s going to put them on point when she gets all the blocks back.)


And this is a picture of Lynna’s Blue Dresden Plate Round Robin. It was a little difficult with the hand applique because it’s been a while since I’ve done it but, after I got a hang of it, it was quite fun.


I hope you ladies like what I did. It was certainly a lot of fun!

A Wall Hanging for the apartment

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Please look at these pictures and tell me what all these have in common:




These are my walls. HOW BORING ARE THEY?!?!

Gee. Damn. I have to make something. So This is what I made this weekend. I made a Trip Around the World Amish Wall Hanging. I can not WAIT to hand quilt it too. There’s gonna be about an eight inch border and I’m going to find some nice intricate feather quilt design. That’s usually the appeal of Amish quilts- they’re often pieced with solid colors and the peices/patterns are often quite simple. The appeal liesin the hand quilting. Without further ado, here is a picture


I polled some of my friends on myspace and now I’ll ask folks that read this blog. What are your thoughts on a color for the border??

Finally a Finished….something!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007


On June 9, Jermaine and I were invited to meet Chris and George’s little girl, Emma.

I made a quilt for lil Emma too. Here is a picture


And here are some pics of the detailed hand quilting I did. I put her name at the top, birthday on the bottom and butterflies on the sides. (Emma’s mommy, Chris, has a thing for butterflies




Hand quilting isn’t hard. In fact, I find it quite relaxing. It does, however, take a great deal of time to do. I’m hand quilting Courtney and Dwaynes wedding present and every time I tell a fellow quilters it’s a queen size quilt, their instant reaction is . I had spent the past week before going up to West Chester staying up till 1 am hand quilting the quilt. Chris and George are so worth it so I didn’t dare question why I was taking so much time to do this. All the hard work was COMPLETELY validated when I presented the quilt to lil’ Emma. I forgot to get a BOX for the quilt so I can wrap it up in nice paper and all. So we walked into the house and G was outside on the grill and Chris was in the basement I think. Lil Emma was chillin in her baby swing so I quickly put the lil quilt on lil Emma and when Chris and George came in that was the first thing they saw. The first thing they noticed too was the hand quilting. That made me feel that my gift was very much appreciated.

I hope lil Emma likes her quilt. I made it purposefully big so that she can get years of use out of it. I hope it becomes her bwankie…(NOTE there is a difference between bwankie and blanket. A bwankie is the security blanket babies love and can’t sleep without…a blanket is…well…a blanket)

Here are some priceless photos of me, J and Emma. (And naturally, becuase I’m an IDIOT I didn’t think of getting a NEW picture of me and Chris and J and George till I was halfway back home…. )



Second Round of Row and Round Robins Done

Monday, May 28th, 2007

FINALLY! I got my round and row robins done today, this Memorial Day. Here are the pictures

First we have Ms. Dawn Stewart’s Mariner’s Compass Round Robin. Rounds tend to be more difficult for me because I find the corners to be very difficult to measure out. But all in all I like the end result and really am looking forward to seeing the progress made on this round.


And Secondly, here is Shelia’s Row Robin with a snow theme. I found this challenging because it dealt with some machine applique and my friend/coworker Allyson helped me out (THANK YOU ALLY!! ) and I did some paper-pieced snowflakes. I hope Shelia likes it.


I foung these rounds to be challenging but I mean that in a good way because this is a GREAT way to learn. Thank you ladies!

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