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Ten on Tuesday

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

My buddy Sprite wrote in her blog about Carole Knits’ Ten on Tuesday and I’ve been paying attention to this blog meme when either or both of them would do it. Sometimes the topic wouldn’t be worth the energy for me to write: Example: Top Ten TV Shows–Does teh internets need to know that I’m a Bravo whore? Or, Top Ten Magazines–Now I really really enjoy magazines but my favorites wouldn’t really shock anyone and then there’s the fact that I do not subscribe to any so it’s not like I’m devoted to a single one much less ten.

But this week is one that appeals to me.

10 Ways to Lighten Your Mood

Rather appropriate. Things in my life are picking up pace–kids are returning to campus for classes, work’s picking up as a result. And HELLO–WEDDING. So yeah…I’ll take anything to lighten up my mood :D

So in no order of preference, I present my first Ten on Tuesday – Ten Ways to Lighten your mood

1. YOUTUBE! (or video available on teh internets to replay till your little heart’s content) Come on….you know you have some in your favorites in your internet browser. I can’t embed these but here are some that I can’t stop watching:

It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna Die!

“Come Meet the New Puppy!” (Slightly NSFW…some bad language but rest assured it’s just a black kitteh so no, I didn’t link porn here)

2. Their names are Layla and Luna


CRAPTASTIC Photo of me but I can’t tell ya how many times I look forward to this when I’m stressing out at work. I tell ya…Kitteh schnuggling allows me to forget about a lot of petty stuff. And didn’t I read somewhere that kitteh purring helps lower blood pressure? WIN WIN! :D

And here is darling Luna…tearing into a gift for her (Luna Johnson was on the package, mind you)

It was catnip, can you tell? Luna is just one hysterical kitteh with a ton of personality. God Love Her!

3. I have to agree with Carol when I say this but cleaning up a room/reorganizing it can help lighten my mood as well. If my day needs lightening up, it can be understandably assumed that whatever I’m doing is stressing me out a little. Removing myself helps. Common sense, right? So removing myself and then doing something positive for your home help lightens up both my mood and environment. Double win.

4. Muppets. Need I say more?

5. Knitting, of course. When my dear Granny passed away, I drowned my sorrows and started quite a few projects. It’s helpful.

6. Going to a Bookstore. When Jermaine and I started to date, we’d go to a bookstore and meet up at a table with our respective piles of books and flip through them. (Because Jermaine works at a bookstore and I used to, we, of course, put the books back. We know how infuriating it can be cleaning up after people) I love everything about a bookstore. The smell of books is definitely on my “Top Five Favorite Smell List.”

7. Generally, Dogs. Specifically Spaniels Everyone thinks that my biggest weakness is yarn. And sure, I have the bank statements to prove it. But it’s not Number 1. Spaniels are. Those floopy ears get me Every Single Time. There’s a guy at Takoma metro station who brings his three spaniels with him when he comes to pick up his wife from the Metro. Every time I see him, I run up and ask “Can I pet your dogs?” and I couldn’t blame him if he sees me running and goes “Oh God. Her.” But I don’t care. His dogs are darling and they have helped me forget about a ton of bullshit as I come home after a bad day.

8. Walking in rain. Yes I said it. For the most part, I love doing it. Sure there are times when I just can’t arrive somewhere wet but I also can’t say I’m the first to pull out my umbrella either.

9. Watching Christmas movies, regardless of what month the calendar indicates. It’s just fun

10. Baking something. Sure, I do this more in the winter because who wants their oven at 350 degrees in July. If it’s November, however, awwwwwwwwww just thinking about it is making my stomach rumble!

I see a ton of cuteness on my sofa. Must pet them :-)

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